The District maintains a half-day kindergarten with an instructional program that fulfills the District’s curriculum goals and objectives and the requirements of the State law. Students will be assigned to either a morning or afternoon session with information about the assignment available early August.

Morning Kindergarten Hours

9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Afternoon Kindergarten Hours

1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Parents with kindergarten-age students (age 5 by September 1st) should register for the District’s Kindergarten Preview. If your child does not meet the age requirements, you may be interested in early enrollment options or in the District’s services at the Early Childhood Center for students ages 3 and 4.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kindergarten Registration

When will I be able to actually register my child and how do I complete the process?

Once our office has proof of residency from you the registration process can begin. All registration is completed online through PowerSchool.  Our office will mail you your online code on March 18th. It is very important that you enter your email addresses correctly in PowerSchool as this is the main mode in which the school will communicate with all parents.

Along with this code, you will receive a “letter of intent” to complete. The deadline for all parents to return their “letter of intent” to our office is April 8. If you have an AM or PM preference, please include this in your letter. We cannot guarantee that we can give you your preference, but we will make every effort to do so.

When will I know if my child is assigned to AM or PM kindergarten?

The district will communicate your child’s AM or PM placement mid-July.

When will I know about transportation information? (Bus routes, bus stop locations, pick up/drop off times)

Starting mid to late August, all parents will have access to view their children’s bussing information using PowerSchool. Please see back side of this paper for information on dropping/picking up your child from school.

Will we have a chance to meet the teacher before school starts?

Yes you will! Right before school starts, there will be a supply pick-up time where parents that “pre-ordered” supplies will be able to pick them up at the school. Later that day or the next day, the school will have a “supply drop off/ meet your teacher” event. All students will be able to bring their supplies, see their classroom and locker, and meet their teacher before school begins.

When will I be able to get more specific details about the kindergarten curriculum?

Shortly after school starts we will invite all parents to our “Curriculum Night” at JB Nelson. This evening will offer a chance to learn more specifics about the school-wide expectations, classroom expectations, as well as sharing the curriculum that teachers will use in instruction for each grade level. Information will be sent to parents via email.

Is there a snack in kindergarten?

Yes there is. Depending on potential food allergies there may be restrictions on food items that contain nuts. You will hear more about this from your child’s teacher.

How can I volunteer to help out in the classroom in kindergarten?

Teachers will have a sign-up sheet for parents to volunteer in the classroom at Curriculum Night in the fall.

Drop Off Procedures

How to use our drop off zone

Drive South on S. Prairie St.

Turn left on Chestnut St. Chestnut will turn into William Wood Drive and will lead you to the front of the school building.


This is a two lane one-way road. Please stay on the left if you are moving and pull over to the right if you are dropping children off.

ALL students must be dropped off on the curb side, NOT on the driver side of the vehicle.

If you would like to park, there is a parking lot just past the loop that you can pull into and park.

Kindergarten drop off in the middle of the day:

Buses will park before the stop sign. Please drop off AFTER the stop sign and crosswalk.


If you park your car, it is very important that you escort your child through the Crosswalk rather than allowing them to cross alone.

Second grade students will be having their recess. If you would like to give child time to play, you must stay and supervise your child as the lunch supervisors are only responsible for the second grade students.